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We help take the guesswork out of growing your crops. Our agronomy services deliver along every stage of the production cycle; be it during the planning stages, in the field or after harvest. We deliver unbiased advice backed by local benchmarked production data and replicated, field scale research.


Proper crop planning and record keeping are key in knowing your numbers and making informed decisions. Whether it be for budgeting, tracking inputs, traceability or benchmarking, the success of your operation depends on it.

A quality soil test is the cornerstone of a crop and fertility plan. Knowing your nutrient levels is key to maximizing your fertilizer dollars. Annual testing helps track changes and identify erroneous results. Because a quality crop fertility plan relies heavily on accurate test results, our soil samples are collected by qualified agronomists.

We take a proactive, multi-year approach to planning that looks at both agronomic and economic factors, along with operational and logistical needs to make a crop fertility plan that fits your farm.

Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Rotation Planning

  • Detailed Crop Fertility Planning

  • Quality soil sampling

  • Extensive Record Keeping and Traceability

  • Monitoring Soil Nutrient Trendlines

  • Nutrient Balance Sheets

  • Exclusive Agronomy Benchmarking Program

  • Tracking Herbicide Resistance and Carryover


We generally get one chance to grow our best crops. Our short growing seasons leave little room for corrective actions. It is for this reason that we place a lot of emphasis in getting your crop off to the best start possible. With so many variables affecting the outcome of your growing season, your most important decisions are made in the field, not behind a desk.

Unpredictable weather can throw a wrench in even the best cropping plans. Growing your best crop may require several adjustments through the growing season as yield potential changes or unanticipated pest problems materialize. With many factors at play, decisions can be difficult.

With over 25 years of agronomy consulting experience consulting on crops and farms in the Red River Valley, we help make those decisions easier. Our unbiased advice is backed by local benchmark data and field scale replicated research. Our agronomy services are designed to give you confidence in your decisions, reduce stress and free up time.

Our Services Include:

  • Unbiased Advice

  • Proactive field scouting and reporting

  • Early Season Planting Assessments

  • Post-Harvest Audits

  • Pest Management Plans

  • Weekly Updates

  • Pesticide Efficacy

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Addressing field variability in Southern Manitoba can be challenging. We have fairly consistent heavy clay soils with slow water infiltration. Our microtopography dictates water movement and availability, one of the main drivers of yield. With the right rainfall, every acre can produce.

The Red River Valley is known for its consistency. With ideal rains, every acre can produce at a high level. In wet years, depression areas drown but ridges produce. In dry years, its inverse. We also grow a wide variety of crops with differing water and nutrient needs.

This can make delineating management zones and predicting fertilizer applications ahead of the growing season a real challenge. The SWAT MAP Methodology is one the best processes our agronomists conduct for delineating management zones that consider the soil, water, and topography characteristics of a field.

Our Services Include:

  • SWAT MAP service provider

  • Field Assessments

  • NDVI Imagery

  • Topography Mapping

  • Surface Drainage Planning

  • Lidar Imagery

  • Yield and Application Data Processing

  • VR application maps

  • Zone or Grid Soil Sampling

On-Farm Research

A lot of research evaluating new products may have been done in geographies that have little relevance to your operation. As new seed genetics, fertilizers and crop protection products become available it’s important that you properly assess performance in your own fields and growing conditions.

Adopting new products or practices may make others obsolete. It is just as important to assess current practices to see which we should stop doing as it is to assess new practices. With todays technology it has never been easier to conduct your own trials and on-farm research, but it can still be a burden in additional time and effort.

Our agronomists can help you with every step from initial planning through harvest. Having facilitated over 200 field scale, replicated, trials over the last 4 years we have a streamlined process that makes things as easy as possible. To help you learn even faster, our On-Farm Research Network leverages the power of peer groups. All our trials are conducted locally to ensure relevant results.

As part of our agronomy services, we also conduct a number of industry contracted research trials every year. Partnering with Antara Agronomy Services can provide your company with field scale, unbiased, 3rd party, replicated, data.

Our Services Include:

  • Field Scale Research

  • Plot design and layout

  • Complete agronomy from seeding to harvest

  • Scientifically Replicated

  • 3rd Party, Independent and Unbiased

  • Peer Group Research

  • Industry Contracted Research

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