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We know what it takes to grow profitable and sustainable crops in the Red River Valley because we have been there and done it. We offer high end agronomic expertise to progressive farmers, backed by extensive field scale research and benchmarking programs.

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Not a Traditional Agronomy Service

We Are Here to Challenge You

From on-farm research to benchmarking and data driven decisions, our focus is to make you better. Whether it’s through the adoption of new practices or eliminating old ones, our goal is to make your operation more efficient, sustainable and profitable. From year one, our team of specialists have helped progressive farmers grow and scale their operations.
Each year builds on the next. To make meaningful change we need to be continuously testing, evaluating, and implementing new practices, building on previous results. We care about the positive impact we make to your bottom line.

It’s About Delivering Results

We Believe…

In Working With Innovative Producers

There is always a better way. Changes in practices, new technologies, new research, consumer demands, regulations. Always be learning. Try new things.

In Small Data Before Big Data

What works in other geographies may not work for you. To be successful you need local data/information to know what works best on your farm.

In Knowing Your Numbers

If you don’t measure it; you can’t manage it. It’s never been easier to collect data and learn form it. Past performance helps predict the future.

Important Decisions Are Made In The Field

Your best decisions are made in the field. Evaluate yield potential and adjust your plans depending on the growing conditions.

That Together We Can Go Farther, Faster

There are only so many hours in a day. Leverage the experience and knowledge of specialists and peer groups.

Our Values


We are trustworthy and act in good faith.


We embrace and drive change. We challenge the status quo with open minds.


Relationships built on trust are the lifeline of our business.


We look beyond the present to deliver future value.


We love what we do. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.


The network is much more powerful than the individual.

The Antara Team

Our agronomic team has years of Red River Valley farming and research expertise. With broad experience in academics, research and on-farm practices, we provide high-end agronomy services to our client base.

Jennifer Sabourin

Jennifer is driven by curiosity and has a passion for science and education. Her primary role is Research Manager, and she has facilitated over 200 field-scale research trials over the past four years. Jennifer has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master’s degree, as well as a Bachelor of Education degree, all from the University of Manitoba. She lives in St. Jean with Brunel and their four daughters.

Brunel Sabourin

Referred to by some as the “Guru of the Red River Valley”, Brunel is a Certified Crop Advisor with over 25 years experience consulting on a wide variety of crops including cereals, oilseeds, soybeans, and corn.

Growing up on the farm, Brunel has always had a passion for soils and fertility. Brunel believes that combining local agronomic research with production data gives producers the tools to better understand and mitigate the effects of adverse weather on their crops. Putting knowledge in the hands of producers that leads to better decisions, increased profitability, less stress and more fun!

Rachel Neumann

Rachel is a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba’s School of Agriculture. She farms with her family and is working towards her technical agrologist (Tech. Ag) designation. Her passions include combining and weed identification. Her favourite activities on the farm include scouting for weeds and bringing in the crop at harvest time.

Siobhan Maas

Siobhan grew up on a mixed beef/grain farm in the Red River Valley. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agroecology, and a Master’s in Soil Science with a focus on climate change. With both on-farm and small-plot research experience, she continues to educate herself on current trends in the ag industry. She incorporates regenerative practices on her acreage east of Morris where she resides with her young family.

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